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Axia’s 10-Year Celebration

Axia’s 10-Year Celebration

Celebrating 10 Years of Getting You Home!

Turn back the clock ten years when the landscape of social media was reinvented by Facebook, the tech industry was rocked by the announcement of the first iPhone, and the home buying experience was redefined when Axia Home Loans first opened its doors.

Axia started in 2007 with the hope to bring ethics and responsibility to a fractured industry and confused borrowers. President and CEO, Gellert Dornay said, “Not only have we accomplished that mission with industry-leading turn times, high borrow satisfaction, a digital platform, and incredible loan performance, but we have become the first 100% employee-owned lender.”

The name “Axia” was inspired by Gellert’s daughter, Gretchen Axia Dornay, and is Greek for “upgrade value,” which fit perfectly with the company’s mission to create sustainable home ownership through responsible lending in communities. In the spirit of our Greek name, Axia’s culture is built upon four pillars: Advocacy, eXcellence, Intregrity, and Accountability.

“It’s amazing that we’ve been here for ten years!” Gellert said, “We have survived arguably the most challenging economic environment of our lifetimes.”

As for the future, Axia’s goal is to continue to improve the customer journey through our commitment to getting you home. We aim to create a flourishing environment for our employee owners through serving communities and sharing in the sustained value of our organization.

Let’s get you home.

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