This is the best move I ever made! Did you feel like that when you signed on with your company? Do you still feel lucky to be there? If you do, that’s awesome! If not, according to Forbes, you’re among the more than half of U.S. workers who are unhappy with their jobs. If you’re not feeling good about your work week, and you’re not actively trying to find something better suited to you, consider doing some soul-searching by asking yourself these questions.

Are You Letting Fear Run Your Life?

Sometimes, the root of our hang ups is fear. Our comfort zone is easy, predictable, and safe. Unknowns are scary. Will the new company get bought out? Will they want you to relocate? What if they cut their programs or radically change their pricing?

Flip your fear. Start being afraid of living with regrets. Be terrified if you’re not living your full potential. Explore the sorrow of looking back at the last 20 years and realizing you wasted every Monday through Friday yearning for the weekend. Envision yourself at 75 – you want to be proud of yourself, right?

Are You Thinking Small?

Are you stuck? Are you okay with good enough? Have you accepted that this is as good as it gets? Shake yourself awake! You are made for great things! What would it look like if you got the coaching, mentorship, and support you need to double or triple your production? Don’t think you’re not eligible for the big leagues. Wild success isn’t reserved for certain people. It’s open to you, too! If you can dream it, you can work to achieve it!

Is It Worth the Bother?

Not settling demands work. A lot of work and a whole lot of bother. You’ve got to be okay with being uncomfortable, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning new things every day. You’ve got to be on the lookout for opportunities and open to exploring new paths. It’s like training for a marathon. It’s terribly rough at first but if you stick with it, even if you just make it to a 5k, you’re lapping your old self, and feeling pretty darn proud.

Take One Tiny Action Today

If you’re sick of settling and think there may be more out there for you, start fulfilling your grand plan by taking one tiny action today. It could be that you wake up 30 minutes earlier and listen to a podcast that reminds you to live legendary, to be brave and open to opportunity. Maybe it’s just taking that recruiters call or reaching out to someone in the business that you respect and asking for their advice. What can you do today that will crush fear, get you out of your comfort zone, and get your blood pumping?