We keep hearing from the team that Axia is like family. Here’s some things to keep in mind when you hear Axians make that analogy 😊

Axia Is Like Family – In a Good Way

We won’t ask to borrow money. What’s yours is yours – you’ve earned it. And there’s more – we’re employee-owned, so you get to keep some of what we’re all working to build.

When you accomplish something, we won’t say your cousin Dave did it better. We celebrate all wins – if you’re growing and setting personal records, we’re cheering you on.

We won’t tell you how to raise your kids. Well, maybe we will say something if Abby and Emma keep screaming through the Zoom calls. But other than that, we’re here to help you grow your business – so we’re listening to your whys and working together to help you get deals done.

We won’t tell your embarrassing stories. We’re here to help you shine. Our coaching focuses on sharpening your strengths, not focusing on your weaknesses.

We won’t invite you over for dinner, then ask you to spend three hours getting technology set up. Our service desk is amazing – seriously. That’s another thing everyone says about Axia. And they don’t even laugh at all your dumb questions (until you hang up).

We won’t pass gas then blame it on the dog. We’ve got a fail forward culture where people aren’t afraid to own up to their whoopsies.

We won’t ask you to help us move an antique armoire up three flights of stairs. We’re not asking for the impossible. We’re here to help you and give you the tools and training you need to achieve.

We won’t steal your toys. You like your CRM and the social media guy you’ve been using? We have our own stuff you can use, but that doesn’t mean we’ll take yours away.